With different techniques we are able to rebalance the human body. The most frequent pathologies that are worked with osteopathy are:

  • severe migraine problems
  • sciatica
  • imbalances in the female reproductive system
  • fibromyalgia
  • sprains
  • Tendinitis
  • pediatric problems caused by birth

Osteopathy can be treated at any age since there are different areas and different techniques.


  • In Cancer Cases or acute pathologies
  • In recent traumas

Osteopathy for pregnant women

  • Preparation to stay in state
  • Relieve headaches
  • Delivery and postpartum preparation
  • Balance spine


  • Blood loss during pregnancy
  • According to gynecologist recommendation in severe pathologies
The best treatment

Osteopathy services


It is a treatment that evaluates the different structures or tissues of the viscera. It is also normally connected to structural problems and with this reason the osteopath always evaluates both things at the same time. When pathologies exist at the visceral level it is because their original movement is altered and can affect other structures such as the diaphragm, etc.



They are very soft and subtle techniques that are used to correct alterations in our body originated from birth or fetal state.

The following pathologies are treated:

  1. Plagiocephaly
  2. Nighttime disorders
  3. Infant colic
  4. Difficulties in learning

Emotional Somato

It is a treatment of body and mind in which we work in releasing some negative traumas in doing so, which loosens and improves the physical state of the person. The person can frequently manifest different emotions such as fear, anguish, joy, etc.



It can also be called structural osteopathy. It is the one that studies how the body is at a biomechanical level and if there is any type of alteration at the musculoskeletal level, manual techniques of different types are applied to rebalance these dysfunctions.